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If men can ride, why can’t women ? – #ChaloDambuk

Ms Debahuti Borthakur

I am an adventure-seeker having an insatiable thirst for travel and experiences that involve taking risks and learning about new cultures. I’m basically a travel junkie who is always in the midst of planning my next trip right on my motorbike. I have been to places around the northeast India which aren’t much explored yet.  My mood is really influenced by my surroundings. I’ll admit that I’m insanely in love with the mountains and I generally try to enjoy every place I live in and really take advantage of these places have to offer. I have never looked back and want to encourage women to break social Taboo’s and go on adventures. Courting looks and comments from people hasn’t stopped me from what I love to do – Riding ! . Presicley I launched Explorelicious, a platform where anyone could enroll and go on an adventure. My family has always encouraged me and they are proud . If men can drive, why can’t women ?
For me it’s about being on the front of the bike rather than being on the back seat and thus establishing an image of myself as the girl who do NOT need a company for everything .